India or humans

I was there in some market driving down the road.. little upset and broken with no smile on my face.. I had lost expecting and understood the harsh reality of the people ,of the society around me. no money in my pocket.. but still I am driving a car, does that any ways show I am poor…!!!!!

In the mean while saw a lady sitting next to the road selling corn on the cob which is the cheapest thing to sell… I went to her and  asked one corn stick, she with her smiling face said to me yes sure you want less or more lemon on top of it.. and I said its ok put as much as u want… she sat there whole day under the sun even at extreme temperatures and the per day sale might not even go beyond expectations but still sitting up there whole day and doing her part to feed her babies. so, I had no change with me nor she did and she never knew me or never had seen me  but said its ok mam u can take it and give me money whenever u want.. :):):):) and I was stunned. what would have made here say that to me.. what must she be thinking.. doesn’t she has to raise her children, was she mad to just let me go without paying her or was she that nice a person that even in poverty she dint loose her nice character, she dint became a person what others earning billions have become… those have everything in there life..

I couldn’t do that I couldn’t go back home taking that corn knowing that I haven’t paid for it  instead I went to take the change and brought along some sweets and cakes as my gesture of saying thank you to her for still being so nice in this society. I came back to her and took my corn and gave her ,her respectable amount she is being earning by her corns and presents for her kids. now the smile was on my face.

I was cursing myself few moments back of not having anything and yes I still have nothing what this lady have. 🙂



medical tourism

medical tourism has now become a boon for the private sector. various organizations and hospitals help people from around the world to get best treatments with affordable price with an ease of transport and living.

so we stand here with the idea of giving you the best and affordable orthopedics treatments from a well renowned doctor having 40 yrs of his experience in his field.